Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.



There are many challenges we are faced with throughout life that can affect our overall well being and our capacity to manage difficult and traumatic situations.

Resilience is the ability to manage difficulties, acknowledge thoughts and feelings and recover relatively quickly after the event has been experienced. Resilience is not a trait people do or do not have as it involves behaviours, thoughts and a process of action that anyone can learn.

Developing resilience is very individualistic as not everyone has the same coping mechanisms regarding life-changing and stressful events. Building resilience can, therefore, be a very personal journey.

There are several strategies people can use in order to increase resilience.

Support networks

Building positive and supportive relationships enables resilience when there are difficult times as people can reach out and ask for help due to accepting the way the situation is at that present time.

Trying to have a perception that the crisis we are faced with will eventually change in the future but aiming to focus on what’s in our control can be the catalyst to recovery.


Self-discovery is something we can apply which can help with our own identity after a significant life challenge. Through learning more about ourselves, we can become aware of our strengths and how we have been able to adapt to the change in our lives.


Mindfulness is an activity that, with practice, can enable people to be more relaxed and logical when it comes to decision making. This assists us to keep things in perspective and be able to focus on the strengths hold within.


Self-care and self-awareness are important components of resilience. Through paying attention to thoughts and feelings, we are validating ourselves and the situation. Realising what we enjoy and allowing time to relax, and exercise can help prepare for future situations that require resilience.


A sense of purpose is a significant factor in building resilience as purpose lifts confidence, gives people a sense of achievement and assists with things in our lives to look forward to.

Remember to always trust and persevere in your abilities, everything you learn will help manager help manage and learn from obstacles life presents.