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Stress is a response to potential challenging or dangerous situations and an individual’s response can vary depending on the situation. Everyone experiences stress at different times during their lives learning how to manage stress can be an opportunity to live at an optimum level.

How stress can play out in our life.

Some stress can actually make people work more effectively under pressure. However, continued stress can really impact your wellbeing. How we manage stress can differ from person to person with different techniques working for some, and not others.


The primary component of stress management if self-awareness. Being aware of what our triggers are and the thoughts or feelings allows time to apply some simple techniques prior to things accelerating. If we aren’t aware of when our stress is rising, we have much less control when we try to manage it.

Being aware of how stress manifests within our bodies can assist with how quickly we apply management techniques and what technique we choose to try first.

Management techniques.

  • Practicing deep breathing and mindfulness on a regular basis can assist in calming us and allows us to make decisions more logically. As we breathe, heightening our senses can help to be in the present as it provides a visual perception.
  • Exercising is a strategy that helps with focus, overall well-being and a positive outlet. 
  • Writing thoughts/feelings can be a productive and private outlet where clarity can become apparent.
  • Being aware of what we are anxious about(thoughts), versus the reality of the situation can be different.
  • Trying to focus on the facts and that we are managing can help lift confidence around our coping mechanisms and what strategy we choose to use.
  • Self-talk can impact on stress levels as positive self-talk increases capacity to see events logically.
  • Trying to ensure a healthy diet and healthy sleeping patterns are in place reduces stress as we are more logical.
  • Maintaining or intensifying hobbies can reduce stress as we are doing something we find positive and it assists with being in the present.

The key to stress management is practicing a couple of these strategies daily. When you are challenged in a stressful moment, use a strategy immediately. Try and see the situation more logically and examine what measures to take at that time to work with it.