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Working From Home with Elysia

The current pandemic has resulted in many individuals having to work from home and for many of us, that is a significant lifestyle change. In order to remain as productive as possible, we need to explore strategies to empower ourselves and our situation which will allow us to feel more resilient, confident and less anxious.

Below are five suggested strategies to work with the transition and aid empowerment. Implementing these strategies will help with creating and maintaining healthy habits in restrictive times.

Maintaining routine

Try to keep to a regular routine including waking up at the same time, sleeping well, dressing for work and taking breaks for exercise or mindful activities.

Maintaining communication

Maintain social interactions via teleconferencing and setting times for meetings, ensuring there is clarification around roles, changes and how people are feeling. Staying connected to others can assist with maintaining a positive attitude and perspective. By keeping your perspective in practice, it is a way of regaining control and feeling empowered.


When working from home, we can sometimes fall into unhealthy cycles including not taking adequate breaks, working overtime, unhealthy eating or developing poor sleep patterns
Increasing our awareness as to what fuels unhealthy cycles can help change behaviour toward healthy cycles and creating new habits.

Ergonomic workspace

Make sure your workspace at home is productive including a comfortable chair, appropriate desk, headset, optimal video resolution and no distractions. If possible, creating a separate work space away from your living space will contribute to your work/life balance.

Keep usual working hours and schedule breaks

Where possible, commence and end work at the usual times each day to ensure that you can mentally ‘switch-off’ and allow for work/life balance. Schedule breaks throughout the day whether it be for food, a cup of tea, or exercise.