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Elysia Retreat Top Tips to Improve Your Holistic Health

Do you know that your everyday routine can affect every aspect of your health? Practitioners of holistic health believe that people can experience good health through regular activities that can balance their mental, physical, spiritual, and social needs. Instead of treating existing illnesses, people are encouraged to foster wellness by caring for their entire body and mind.

The good news is that there are lots of easy holistic practices that you can easily integrate into your routine. So if you want to live a healthier life, then you should start doing these activities for your holistic health!

Get Out in Nature

Viewing scenes and objects of nature can produce positive effects on our emotional and mental health. It’s no wonder that when stressed or agitated, most people prefer to retreat close to nature and wide-open spaces, as offered here at Elysia Wellness Retreat.

You can benefit from the healing power of nature by going for a walk in a nearby park, walking your dog outside, or going for weekend hikes. Make nature — the sunshine, fresh air, and a refreshing change of pace — a part of your daily routine. If that’s not accessible to you right now, see if you can bring nature into your home by adding plants in different areas. Even displaying paintings of trees and natural landscapes on your wall can work.

Explore Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness practices can improve your mental and spiritual health by grounding your mind and your senses in the present moment. Our ‘Stress Management – How Do You Cope?’ article highlights that mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing, can help regulate your emotions and stress levels. Furthermore, these practices can also improve your ability to make more logical decisions.

To experience improvements, try to integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily routine. For example, you can dedicate 15 minutes of your morning for a meditation practice, or an hour of yoga daily. You can also opt to sit in a quiet environment so that you can peacefully accomplish deep breathing exercises, or perhaps try journalling for a few minutes each morning.

Regulate Sleep Hygiene

Adults need at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night to recharge their bodies after a long, active day. Getting regular doses of a good night’s rest can improve your health by boosting your immunity, mood, and physical strength!

Try to improve your sleep hygiene by resting in a cool and dark room. You should also avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine and doing rigorous exercises a few hours before bedtime. Massage lavender oil onto your temples so that you can easily relax and go to sleep.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

To feel well in body and mind, we need to review our gut health. Most Australians are not consuming enough fruit, vegetables or fibre. Plant foods are an excellent source of gut-healthy fibre and prebiotics. These provide a sense of wellbeing, by improving our immunity, digestion and elimination.

With improved elimination gives our skin a brighter glow, maintains our weight, improves heart function, balances blood sugars, reduces sugar cravings and helps prevents chronic disease. 

Plant wholefoods are nutrient rich and a great way to increase your protein intake as well. All of the essential amino acids that are required for protein synthesis originate in plants.

Keep an Optimistic Mindset

Our mindset is one of the biggest factors that can affect our holistic health. A positive mindset can help individuals navigate stress and challenges, which is probably why optimists tend to live longer lives.

To achieve this, you can start your day with positive affirmations. You can also surround yourself with supportive and optimistic people. Most of all, do not forget to extend gratitude and understanding towards others.

You can take care of your entire body by incorporating daily practices in your everyday routine. Remember that holistic health can only be accomplished through balance, so make room for good activities that have positive effects on your physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being!

Article specially written for by Allie Cooper.