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Most of us take for granted the stability we had as youngsters and think that although we have done nothing to maintain it, our balance is as good at 40 and 50 as it was when we were 8.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and many instances of what is deemed ‘not coping’ when we get older involve a lack of stability or balance. 

Think of the older population ‘having a fall’ and this is what I mean by not coping. 

The definition of stability is essentially the ability to balance on one leg without thinking or concentrating.

The best test is to stand on one leg and close your eyes, measuring  how long you can maintain balance.

Anything less than 20 seconds and there is significant work to be done.

Anything over 60 seconds and you’re doing well.

When you combine training stability with strength and flexibility it gives you an overall solid base from which to live well.

Think of this style of training as ‘little and often’ so it doesn’t get too overwhelming or taxing on your time.

Watch our stability video below to get some ideas. 

At home workout to improve stability

Improve muscle tone, balance, strength, coordination and posture with Adrienne’s fun stability ball body therapy. Here are 5 exercises to allow a total body workout from home.