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ABOUT Elysia

The Elysia Essence

Many people begin their wellbeing journey feeling overwhelmed or confused. Elysia aims to make wellness simple, joyful and approachable for everyone. Our programs encapsulate this ethos, simplifying wellness, spanning across all activities, wellness treatments, spa treatments, food and drink offerings, education and inspiration that changes with the seasons.
Taste of Elysia Day Package

Conscious Design for Healing and Harmony

The architecture of the retreat was designed with ancient design principles of Feng Shui to help move negative energy out of the space, and allow new space for transformative, positive energy to flow into the property. The Retreat features a metaphorical river, which begins in a small, bullbing spring at the top of Meditation Hill and then runs through the property, underneath the floating platform of the day spa, and then down into the cascading waterfall in the main building. This attention to detail extends to the two paths on either side of Meditation Hill that wind their way through fragrant lavender gardens and out to the peaceful point of contemplation. From above, these lines resemble the symbol of Ying Yang, which represent a balance of masculine and feminine energy.