Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.



FACILITATOR: Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Do you wonder why some people can manage their weight easier than you? Or what YOU should do in times of stress? And which fad diet is right? Health can be confusing and conflicting and it’s almost impossible to keep up with science.

But what if there is no right or wrong? What if you just needed to understand your health type and what food, movement, lifestyle choices and even career choices would help you thrive?

You have an opportunity during your stay to learn your unique health type and all the tools and strategies you need to continue your health journey when you return home.

Monday, 2pm

A session for everybody! Learn the science behind and the benefits of understanding your unique phenotype. During this group session we will explore the various health types. We’ll learn their strengths and how to best manage stressors.

During this session you may sign up to have your measurements taken and discover your health type in a one-on-one consultation at a time that suits during your stay.

One-On-One Consultations

What you will receive:

  • 90 minute consultation to go over your current health and learn your health type
  • Support whilst on retreat
  • 12 month subscription to a comprehensive app that has:
    • Unique recipes, shopping basket and food lists to guide you
    • Exercise: including workout sessions and videos of how to execute each move
    • How to reach your true potential.



WHEN: 23-27 MAY 2021