Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.



FACILITATOR: Dhevaksha Naidoo

During the retreat Dhevaksha shares her scientific and soulful method to build resilience and discover lasting wellbeing in this Elysia retreat experience. This 6-hour journey will give you opportunities to experience evidence-based ancient and modern practices from different cultures and medicines. These will include breathwork, awareness, music, movement, meditations and creative and expressive exercises to engage your 5 resilient senses — joy, ease, depth, grace, kindness/courage/compassion.

Dhevaksha is an integrative medicine scientist and speaker who has spent the last 15 years travelling, researching, and healing through the traditional medicine practices of different countries and cultures. Diagnosed with a chronic endocrine disorder at age 15, she became curious about the complementary effects of Eastern and Western medicine. Told by specialists from Abu Dhabi to Africa that she would live with varying symptoms of disease throughout her adult life, she and her family were determined to discover otherwise. Dhevaksha has since healed holistically through integrative medicine with evidence shown in the normalcy of her biomarkers; BMI, insulin resistance, inflammation, anxiety and depression.

Dhevaksha’s honours research was the first in the world to capture data on wellness retreat experiences globally for which she was awarded a scholarship to complete her PhD. Her doctoral study explores the impacts of retreat experiences on resilience, coping, depression, anxiety, stress and longevity in an Australian cohort. Dhe is also a certified meditation, yoga, and laughter yoga teacher who lives in Sydney with her husband Vieran and Cavoodle Chai.

  • Overview: Friday 3pm (overview)
  • Session 1: Friday 4-6pm
  • Session 2: Saturday 10-12pm
  • Session 3: Saturday 4-6pm

Mindful Living Specialty Retreat

When: 4-6 SEPTEMBER 2020
Add on cost: $295 per person
Only limited spots available