Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.



At Elysia, our food philosophy is that eating should be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

We believe that considering the nutritional value of what we eat, exploring new tastes and textures, and preparing hearty food in a healthy manner is essential to lifelong wellbeing.
Our program of nourishing meals shared in the company of fellow retreat participants without the everyday distractions of home or work, television or digital devices will help you get back to basics. You’ll eat nutritious wholefoods, in sensible portions, at well-spaced mealtimes.
We encourage mindful eating to help us appreciate what we have, to slow down, and to be more in the moment. Nutrition, exercise, and relaxation are the cornerstones of the Elysia philosophy, and these combined, deliver a holistic approach to health and nutrition.
Your stay at Elysia gives your body a rest from red meat, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and saturated fat. We find that our guests at our health retreat in Hunter Valley are less likely to return to the same excessive levels of these indulgences once they have had a break from them. This pause in consumption allows you to consider your diet and reintroduce ‘treat’ foods sensibly and in moderation.

Lunch at Elysia