Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.


Our Team of Experts

Movement Coach

Adrienne (Addy) is a Movement Coach who inspires fun through movement & exercise to ignite tangible results. Her passion for dance along with many other high & low-intensity activities on The Program, 1 on 1 PT’s & sharing the journey of the guest experience is what sets her soul on fire.

Naturopath & Yoga Teacher

Gina is a Naturopath & Yoga Teacher with Elysia Wellness Retreat. She has been in professional clinical practice for over 20 years in Sydney. Gina specialises in dietary advice, weight maintenance, hormonal issues, and adrenal/stress exhaustion concerns.

Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Swim Stroke & Running Correction

Mel has been part of the Elysia team since 2004. With Elysia being home for such a long time, many returning guests feel like family and she loves seeing the results of previous stays when guests pop in for a second, third or fourth visit. As a physiotherapist with a master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy as well as qualifications in personal training and wellness coaching.

Executive Chef

Corryne has been delivering incredible nutritional experiences within the wellness industry for over 15 years. Corryne formed an integral part of the kitchen at the renowned, award-winning Golden Door Health Retreat, Hunter Valley since its inception in 2004, where she honed her specialty culinary skills and saw her passion for healthy eating flourish.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dean is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with over 33 years’ experience and holds a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (University of Western Sydney), Bachelor of Arts (Griffith University), Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Melbourne).

Fitness and Movement Manager

Matt has worked at the Elysia for the last 16 years. He designs and runs the activity schedule to best enhance your stay at Elysia. He loves to see the excitement on guest’s faces when they experience something for the first time in a safe and nurturing environment and realise how incredibly beneficial it is for their wellbeing.

Feldenkrais, Tai Chi and Breathing and Meditation

Brad is simply a guru – he is our Feldenkrais practitioner, tai chi master, breathing and meditation expert. All of this means he can guide guests through a range of techniques to assist with relieving pain, alleviating stress, increasing energy and enhanced movement and flexibility that often you didn’t even know you needed!

Nutritionist, Yoga instructor

Jennah is a Nutritionist, who is passionate for food as nourishment and supporting you to collaboratively determine practical, simple, and enjoyable nutrition and lifestyle modifications. She believes nutrition can be simple and an integrated part of your day-to-day life. You will also find Jennah guiding you through yoga and meditation practices at Elysia.

Wellness Coaching, Holistic Counselling, Clinical Consultations, Energy Balancing

Wellness Coaching, Holistic Counselling, Clinical Consultations, Energy Balancing EXPERIENCE Loren is a registered nurse offering holistic counselling, clinical consultations and wellness coaching.  

Personal Training

Melinda is a personal trainer and group fitness leader. Melinda’s aim is to educate clients on the benefits of functional fitness and balanced eating. Melinda is well equipped to assist you with a periodisation plan that will see you safely achieving your goals when you return home, along with any necessary phone / web cam monitoring and tweaking of programs. This is a worthwhile investment to help you continue to progress when you leave. Whether you would like to exercise in the gym, outdoors or at home, we can get you moving, feeling more energised and focused all of the time.

Personal Training

Tanya is a personal trainer who moved into the fitness industry over 10 years ago. After working at a desk doing graphic design for over 10 years and feeling the effects on her body from sitting all day and no longer feeling rewarded by her job, she knew there was something more she needed to be doing… Helping to inspire and motivate others to get out there and make the most of their amazing body and show them that exercise can be enjoyable, is what she loves to do.

Movement Specialist Trainer

Sheree has over ten years experience in Fitness and Movement working at resorts in Australia and internationally. She specialises in Yoga/Meditation and Movement patterns with Diploma qualifications. Sheree offers expansive knowledge and an ability to adapt exercise and movement to suit all levels. She is a recognised Higher Level 3 Fitness Australia practitioner and advanced Yoga Asana Trainer including Pre and Post Natal qualifications. Book a session for personal training, strength and conditioning, dancercise, water aerobics, outdoor movement or at home exercise plans, or Hatha Yoga, Pranayem (breathwork).

Specialty Practitioner

Soulful Sessions JC has been in the wellness industry for almost 25 years. Owner of the multi award winning Melbourne Natural Wellness for 16 of those. JC believes "The quality of our lives equals the quality of the relationships we have with both ourselves and others". So come as you are, leave how (and who) you want to be (and in some cases, be with). She brings you an insight into any disconnection between the body, mind and soul & helps you to reconnect. The time isn't just to know, but to know how. JC is also the founder of Mountain Wellness Co: ‘Helping People Unplug to Recharge’. Author of the book: 'We Need to Talk' & is the 'Leaving Coach' and ‘Relationship Renovator’ at Breakup Brilliant. She is a soulful massage therapist, coach, & speaker. You truly are in good hands here.

Visiting Speciality Practitioners

We are lucky to have number of specialty practitioners visit Elysia Wellness Retreat on a regular basis. Call us today on 1300 991 254 to find out if they will be available during your next stay!

Specialty Practitioner

Reinvention Prescription: Whether you're looking to improve your relationships, embrace greater confidence, leave unsatisfying employment or stop feeling like you have to people-please just to be liked, reinvention and transformation coaching can help you quickly move past your fears and begin living the life you’ve always dreamt of. Guided by the equation: Reinvention = Vision + Choice + Action, you will create a vision, discover new choices and take initial action to reach your goals – it’s all about that first step. Amanda expertly guides you through this process, and you’ll leave with a clearer understanding of what you REALLY want in life, what you need to leave behind, and how to embrace your personal power to create the life you want to be living, and loving. Human Design Analysis: We each operate in the world in a specific way. Human Design provides you with a map of your own unique genetic design – essentially your own life navigation tool. Having this profound insight into the easiest and most natural way to utilize your energy enables you to respect and appreciate your uniqueness, relaxing and flowing in both work and life. Let Amanda introduce you to 'you' and leave with tools and wisdom to step into your own personal power.For more information or to book with Amanda, call 1300 991 254.

Specialty Practitioner

Face & Body Interpretations. Your body is your vehicle which takes you through life. In reading your body’s form, it shows attitudes in life and how you have experienced life to date. By becoming aware of how your body communicates to you and how this reflects in your face and form, you gain great insights into how change can be integrated. Learn practical awareness on how to improve communication by learning to read how ‘habitual thoughts and emotions’ become part of the human form. As a registered teacher at the Psychosomatic Therapy College, Linda facilitates training and workshops within Australia and internationally, helping others find that special ‘magic’ which resides in all of us. For more information or to book call 1300 991 254.