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Our purpose is to take care of you and deliver unique and unforgettable experiences. A haven of relaxation, beauty and healing, Elysia Wellness Retreat Day Spa offers over 50 therapies and treatments which are designed to nourish your body, mind and spirit.


To make the most of your time with us, the relaxation lounge with complimentary spa and steam room is the perfect place to start. In keeping with our holistic and natural approach to beauty, our carefully selected practitioner-only products will leave your skin feeling and smelling divine.

Enjoy exploring our menu, perhaps try something new or find comfort in the familiar, whatever is right for you. We have created a spa experience that will have you floating well after leaving. See what can be.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our spa coordinators to assist with your booking and to answer any questions. Call 1300 991 254.


Classic Facial - 50 mins
$ 120

Designed for Skin Revitalisation — this is a beautiful introduction to facials for those wanting the essentials. This popular results-driven facial features products from the BABOR Skinovage range selected to best cleanse and nourish your skin type.

Add to your treatment: Sensational Eyes (no extra time)
$ 25
Classic Men's Facial - 50 mins
$ 120

This facial follows the same principles as the Classic Facial however it is specifically tailored for men and their skin types. We recommend you shave at least 3 hours before a facial treatment.

Add to your treatment: Sensational Eyes (no extra time)
$ 25
Add to your treatment: Enzyme & 3 Fluids for extra hydration - 25 mins
$ 60
Elysia Wellness Organic Facial - 50 mins
$ 160

The Organic Facial will help to nourish and calm tired and stressed skin using products containing powerful botanicals and antioxidants. Whether your skin is sensitive, oily, dry, in need of brightening or a detox your therapist will be able to create a facial suitable for you.

Rejuvenation Facial - 50 mins
$ 180

This premium facial is designed to achieve a radiant complexion. It is ideal for all demanding skin types including blemished skin, acne, pigmentation, skin with pronounced lines and skin showing decline in skin tone.

Classic Ampoule Facial - 80 mins
$ 200

Combining the Classic Facial with the power of pure, concentrated fluids offering intensive detoxifying, destressing or hydrating benefits for your skin. This deep hydration provides the perfect foundation for your next facial treatment or homecare routine.

Collagen Lifting Facial - 80 mins
$ 240

Using pure collagen extracts to stimulate natural collagen production in the skin, this facial will leave your skin with more elasticity, plumper and visibly smooth with a healthy glow.

High Skin Refiner Facial - 80 mins
$ 240

The HSR® range is the deluxe offering from BABOR. This deep lifting treatment is designed to assist in the reduction of existing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, age spots or redness. Receiving the Classic Ampoule facial a day or so prior amplifies the befits of the HSR treatment.

Add these Enhancers to your treatment:
Deluxe Hair & Scalp Treatment - no extra time
$ 30

Using organic Argan oil to nourish your hair, this relaxing scalp massage is the perfect little extra to some spa treatments. We recommend the hair serum is left for as long as possible following your 50 or 80 minute treatment.

Foot Enhance - 20 mins
$ 40

Treat your feet and lower legs to a thorough cleanse to remove impurities, leaving the area supply and hydrated. The smoothing massage will release tensions, leaving your legs and feet refreshed and relaxed while your skin is balanced and refined.

Hand Enhancer - 20 mins
$ 40

Beginning with a beautiful hand and forearm massage to relax and relieve tension, this hand ritual then incorporates an anti-ageing mask on the hands to smooth and nourish.


Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 25 mins
$ 70

Using a warmed macadamia-based aromatic oil, a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage is performed whilst you lie comfortably on a treatment bed. A great way to reduce tension, increase blood flow and release tightness so you leave feeling lighter and re-energised.

Swedish Massage - 50 mins
$ 120
Swedish Massage - 80 mins
$ 180

The perfect introduction for those new to massage, based on soft relaxation techniques to gently ease surface tension and stress. For those looking for muscular relief we suggest Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage

Aromatic Massage - 50 mins
$ 140
Aromatic Massage - 80 mins
$ 195

A soft and relaxing massage with long rhythmical movements over the body using pre-blended aromatic oils to balance your mind, body and spirit. Ideal for circulation improvement and stress reduction.

Pregnancy Massage - 50 mins
$ 160
Pregnancy Massage - 80 mins
$ 200

A soothing and comforting massage to nurtutre and relax the mother-to-be. The body is supported throughout the massage with the aid of our pregnancy bed; this purpose designed mattress has the belly hole for the ultimate comfort throughout the massage. Only suitable for pregnancies in the second and third trimester.

Hot Stone Relaxation Massage - 50 mins
$ 160
Hot Stone Relaxation Massage - 80 mins
$ 200

Using heated stones, this treatment goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and well-being. The penetrating heat of the stones induces relaxation and stress reduction and assists detoxification of the body.

Specialist Massage
Remedial Massage - 50 mins
$ 160
Remedial Massage - 80 mins
$ 220

A tailored massage delivered by a Remedial Massage Therapist, that concentrates on remedying specific areas of soft tissue dysfunction to aid in treating and correcting specific musculoskeletal problems and injuries. Steam prior is an ideal preparation.

Deep Tissue Massage - 50 mins
$ 160
Deep Tissue Massage - 80 mins
$ 220

A massage that works deep into the muscle to release adhesions and tightness whilst elongating muscles to original length. It releases stress, eases muscle tension, boosts circulation and improves mobility, as well as mucle and skin tone. It targets the area of concern specificedd by a guest and works therapeutically into deeper muscle layers. A variety of techniques are used in the treatment, depending on your needs. Steam prior is an ideal preparation.

Deep Tissue Hot Stone Therapy - 80 mins
$ 220

Using heated stones, this treatment combines relaxing Hot Stone Therapy with Deep Tissue Massage techniques for a detoxifying, muscle-melting full body experience. Steam prior is an ideal preparation.

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage - 80 mins
$ 220

This ancient Polynesian style massage restores balance to the body, mind and soul. Your therapist treats you with light and firm flowing movements over and under the entire body (including chest) allowing healing to take place completely on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A true taste of heaven.

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage - 50 mins
$ 160


Aromatic Salt Glow - 50 mins
$ 150

This body exfoliation refines and renews skin texture using Canadian saltt crystals. This beautiful scrub is blened with an aromatic oil of you choice (relaxing, balancing or energising). Enjyoy a relaxing scalp massage as the Vitamin ACE cream soaks in, replenishing the lost minerals and leaving your skin feeling velvety-soft and hydrated.

Cleopatra Steam Infusion - 50 mins
$ 180

This body exfoliation treatment is ideal for detoxing and for those who aspire to attain beautiful skin like the ancient queen, Cleaopatra by stimulating circulation with scrub and steam then hydrating and revitalising with a beautiful finishing cream. To create a steam environment, the capsule lid is lowered over your body, leaving your head/neck free for a beautiful scalp massage.

Vichy Power Exfoliation - 50 mins
$ 180

An incredibly rejuvenating 3-step treatment, full body exfoliation that is invigorating to the mind and body. Enjoy the rain-shower experience under a 7-head Vichy shower. Your skin will feel silky smooth and hydrated.

Firming Algae Body Wrap - 80 mins
$ 200

The algae wrap, applied after your full body exfoliation, delivers special mineral ingredients designed to protect against premature ageing and helps to firm, detoxify, repair and hydrate the skin.

Balancing Moor Mud Bath - 80 mins
$ 220

This detoxifying treatment starts with a body scrub that smooths dry skin, followed by a mineral bath soak and completes with a relaxing hot stone treatment for the back of the body. Great for relaxation and stress reduction. Ideal for couples (price is per person)

Hawaiian Tranquillity Ritual - 110 mins
$ 260

This beautiful experience starts with an invigorating body exfoliation to smooth dry skin, followed by a relaxing bath soak. Your treatment is completed with a beautiful 50 min Hawaiian massage restoring balance to the body, mind and soul.


Reflexology - 50 mins
$ 160

The foot is considered to reflect your body as a whole. By stimulating pressure points in your feet, re-balancing energy is directed to your internal organs and boy structures to promote healing and total body well-being and relaxation

Lymphatic Treatment - 80 mins
$ 220

To support the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system, your therapist uses very light pressure and soft pumping movements combined with long, gentle, rhythmical strokes designed to stimulate the circulation of lymphatic fluid around the body in the direction of the lymph nodes (neck, armpits. groin). This treatment may leave you feeling tired. Give your body time to ease back into activity and keep hydrated.

Lymphatic Treatment - 50 mins
$ 160
Watsu - 50 mins
$ 220

A signature treatment, Watsu (water and shiatsu) is a speciality aquatic experience in a private purpose-built heated pool. Combining the therapeutic benefits of warm water with elements of shiatsu, muscle stretching and meditation, your therapist supports your body in the water, relaxing your spine to create a deep sense of relaxation with gentle gliding and flowing movements, somewhat like yoga in water. Please shower beforehand and wear swimwear for this experience. This treatment is not advisable during pregnancy or if you suffer extreme motion sickness.

Reiki - 50 mins
$ 160

Reiki is a Japanese technique that may be used for potential stress reduction and relaxation and can also promote healing. Rei which means 'Higher Power' and Ki which is 'life force energy'. Reiki is 'spiritually guided life force energy'. A treatment feels like an energetic glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It may create beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.


Men's Spa Therapy - 80 mins
$ 180

Your treatment begins with a cleanse and back scrub using mineralised salts from the Canadian glaciers. Your back treatment will be complete with a stress-relieving massage and lotion to leave your skin clean, refreshed and youthful. Finish with the Classic Facial tailored for men to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Organic Spa Experience - 80 mins
$ 180

Using only organic products start with a calming back massage using soothing organic massage medium to release stress and tension and follows with a min facial tailored to your skin type.

Renewal - 110 mins
$ 240

Skin renewal starts with a body exfoliation and combines with a relaxing full body massage using blended oils and creams applied with long rhythmical movements over the body, then finish with the Deluxe Hair & Scalp Treatment. Ideal for couples (price is per person).

De Stress - 110 mins
$ 320

This treatment goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and well-being. Begin your relaxation with a 50 min Hot Stone Massage allowing the penetrating heat of the stones to induce relaxation and stress reduction. You will then be treated to our Classic Facial with the added hydration of Enzymes & 3 Fluids.

Spa Fusion - 170 mins
$ 340

Nurture yourself with this enticing combination. Your treatment begins with a relaxing Swedish Massage followed by the Classic Facial, addressing your specific skincare needs. To complete your experience, enjoy a luxurious Foot Ritual including foot soak, exfoliation, mask and soothing massage.

Ultra-Indulgence - 170 mins
$ 410

This ultimate experience starts with the Aromatic Salt Glow, followed by a deluxe 50 min Collagen facial and to complete your experience, your feet will be treated to a luxurious Foot Ritual including foot bath, exfoliation, mask and soothing massage.


File, Buff & Polish (Hands or Feet)* - 25 mins
$ 70

This express treatment is a great way to get the essentials done. Nails are shaped, buffed and polished to perfection with a polish colour of your choice.

File, Buff & Polish Mani/Pedi Combo* - 50 mins
$ 120
Hand Ritual* - 50 mins
$ 120

Soothe your hands with a vitalising hand bath and exfoliation followed by a relaxing hand massage. Nails are then shaped buffed and polished to perfection and finished with your colour choice of polish. Includes a firming eye treatment for total relaxation.

Foot Ritual* - 50 mins
$ 120

Lie back and enjoy our unique spa ritual. Your treatment begins with a refreshing foot soak, followed y a deep exfoliation, then as oothing foot and calf massage and nail treatment. Nails are then shaped, buffed and polished to perfection and finishing with your colour choice of polish. Includes a firming eye treatment for total relaxation.

Paraffin Wax - 25 mins
$ 30

Hand and Foot Enhancer - This will take your already luxurious Hand Spa or Pedi Spa to another level. Extend your experience by the application of a warming paraffin wax mask on your hands and feet.

* Please bring open-toed shoes/sandals for use after your treatment.Here at the Elysia Day Spa, we do NOT use/remove shellac or gel/acrylic nails. Please remove prior to your visit.

Spa Spray Tanning* - 25 mins
$ 50

St. Tropez offers safe, fast and natural results, leaving you with a natural looking, sun tanned appearance. The Aloe Vera base will penetrate the skin deeper than water-based products, effectively increasing the life of your tan.

Complete Bronzed Body* - 25 mins
$ 120

To achieve the best tan results, prior to the spray tan your therapist will perform and invigorating exfoliation of the whole body, to smooth dry skin for a more even and glowing tan.

* To get the best results from your spray tan we recommend you arrive freshly showered and avoid the application of lotions, moisturising cream or deodorant prior to your treatment.


$ 20
Arm - half
$ 25
Arm - full
$ 40
Leg - half
$ 45
Leg - full
$ 75
G String
$ 55
$ 40
$ 30
$ 70
$ 25
$ 20


$ 15
$ 30


Brow, Lip & Chin Wax
$ 45
Brow Wax, Brow Tint & Lash Tint
$ 50

Make a Booking

We recommend securing your booking at least 7 days prior to your preferred time to avoid any disappointment. To book, please phone 1300 991 254.

We are open seven days a week, excluding Christmas and Boxing Day. Please note a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays.

All treatments are subject to therapist availability.

Please let us know in advance if you have any special health or physical considerations that may affect your treatments at the spa and advise us of pregnancy under 14 weeks, as some treatments may not be suitable.

We welcome guests 16 years and over.

When to Arrive

To enjoy a full Spa experience, we suggest you arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment time to complete your consultation form and commence your relaxation experience. If you would like to our complimentary Spa and Steam room, please arrive 1 hour earlier. All treatments are completed as scheduled, so please be aware that if you arrive late, your service will end on time to ensure the next guest is not delayed.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing and open-toed footwear in the spa. We will provide a robe and locker for you plus a range of amenities. Our therapists are trained to protect your privacy with the appropriate draping and underwear is to be worn during all treatments. Please bring your swimwear if you intend using the spa pools and it is best to leave your valuables and jewellery at home as we take no responsibility for lost items.

Spa Etiquette

Our Spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquillity, therefore we kindly ask that you leave your mobile phone or other devices in your locker and switched off. We do not permit the use of mobile phones within the Spa area or within the retreat premises.

Please be aware that Elysia Wellness Retreat operates as a Wellness Retreat 7 days a week and is a non-smoking site. We kindly ask that the following items not be brought onto the premises — food, alcohol, caffeine or tobacco. Alcohol or non-prescription drugs must not be taken prior to your spa treatment. Guests under the influence will be asked to leave the spa in the best interests of their health.


If you wish to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Reservations may be amended or cancelled with notice greater than 24 hours without charge. A 100$ cancellation charge applies for no shows and appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the treatment.

Local Community Offer

Local residents from Newcastle and the Hunter Valley receive a 10% discount on all treatments at the Day Spa Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Please call our Spa Coordinators on 1300 991 254 to book and for more information on Spa specials, new product launches, mid-week discounts and more.

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Products can be sent directly to your door. Simply call or email us for  details or to place an order.


*Price effective 30 July 2019.

All prices are subject to change and include GST.