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Escape the pressures and demands of everyday life while you return to the pleasures of the countryside at Australia’s leading wellness retreat, Elysia. whether for a full week of rejuvenation or a weekend stay, we have a vast variety of spa treatments and retreat activities to suit everyone’s needs.

‘Finding Calm amidst the Chaos’
Practical tools and insights for more calm and contentment

In this powerful and life changing retreat you will immerse yourself deeply into mindfulness. You will discover mindfulness within you and a more connected and conscious version of you. The program is full of mindfulness tools for your daily life, as the intention is that you leave the program equipped to make your life journey calmer, more present and more connected. If you have certain habits or situations that cause you ongoing stress and grief you will gain new perspectives and ways of dealing with them. In this retreat you will reconnect and learn powerful skills and perspectives that will last a lifetime. As part of the program you will receive a private one on one check in with Charlotte, all relevant mindfulness audios and access to eight weeks of daily mindfulness reminder emails, plus additional podcasts.

This is for you if…

    • You would like to be more present.
    • You want to feel more connected to those around you
    • You would like to feel more grateful, kinder and healthier
    • You would like to experience more clarity of thinking
      And if you
    • At times feel that life is just one big rush, you feel overwhelmed, like you never get it all done, you feel short with those you love or your colleagues and perhaps you also find it hard to get a good nights sleep
    • You would like to experience less overwhelm and frustration
      Perhaps you have heard and read a little about mindfulness and would like to experience it in a deeper way and get the ‘tools’ to integrate it into your daily life

Key outcomes:
• Be more present and have the tools to get back there when you are not
• Feel more connected to those around you
• Feel more grateful, kinder and healthier
• Experience more clarity of thinking
• Develop skills to de-stress and reduce the feeling of overwhelm
• Increased awareness and ability to manage your thoughts and feelings
• Understand how to engage and use the breath to relax and come into calm
• Improve sense of self confidence

Add this powerful retreat to your itinerary during your stay between 26-29 August*.
Cost: $395 per person
Book: Call the team on 1300 991 254

*Only available as an add on to your current booking

Charlotte Thaarup

Charlotte is one of the most experienced mindfulness retreat leaders in Australia. She has trained with some of the best in the world both in terms of the neuroscience behind mindfulness but also with the traditional Buddhist teachers. Both her ‘Dear Body’ program and her corporate program are university researched showing clear strong positive results.


*Please be aware this Specialty Retreat offers a lot of content (10 hours). We aim to schedule sessions at times that allow for minimal interference with the mainstream program, although some of our regular activities may be happening at the same time. We try to find the right balance in helping you enjoy all that Elysia Wellness Retreat has to offer. Please consider this as you make your choice.


Rates : Add on $395 per person


‘I’ve attended a number of mindfulness training courses – this was by far the best, so many new tools to add to my toolbox. Thank you Charlotte’ – Nadine


‘Charlotte is amazing and has an art of making mindfulness make sense” – Cameron


‘Very powerful and a great investment in me!’ – Sally


“This retreat was highly valuable. It has really helped me to stop, reflect and resolve to reset my daily habits and my ways of thinking. It will help me in many ways in future – I’m very excited about what’s to come. Thank you so much Charlotte!” – Jan


“We were able to go through a meditation one step at a time and understand why our minds wander so easily & that we find it so hard to focus” – Froncine


Meeting Charlotte has been inspirational and has helped me understand life on a deeper level – Simone