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Adrienne Simpson

Movement Coach

Adrienne Simpson (Addy) is a Movement Coach who inspires fun through movement & exercise to ignite tangible results. Beginning her Personal Training career in Corporate Health in 2015, working in multiple gyms & owning an Outdoor Fitness business, has blessed her the opportunity of working with an extensive demographic & unique aptitude to translate into working with Elysia Wellness Retreat.

Her passion for Wellness emerges from a love of the outdoors & an extreme sports upbringing. Her energy compliments her indignation for dancing, bringing one of her favourite classes to the program, The Soul Shakedown. Her passion for dance along with many other high & low-intensity activities on The Program, 1 on 1 PT’s & sharing the journey of the guest experience is what sets her soul on fire.


6 years experience as a passionate Personal Trainer in the fitness industry with the past 2 years as part of the Elysia/ Golden Door Team.

She specialises in 1 on 1 PT’s with a strong focus on rehabilitation and mobility whilst injecting lots of fun into her high and low intensity group classes. Sharing the journey of the guest experience and transformations of our guests is what inspires her day to day.

When she is taking a break you will find her making memories with her newborn daughter, husband and doggy doing all things adventurous and fun!

Adrienne Simpson

Movement Coach

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