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Cath Adams



Cath has worked at Elysia for 3 months. Cath has worked in the counselling industry for over 20 years. She has a background in nursing and has tertiary qualifications in counselling. Cath has worked with individuals, couples,  families and facilitated groupwork.


Areas of counselling Cath specialises in restoring and improving quality of life and relationships. Additionally, she can support and assist with the management of life challenges such as grief, conflict resolution, mental health, stress/anger management and life/work transition. Cath’s solution focused counselling approach is modelled on holistic wellness and empowerment. Cath also does resilience and wellness coaching. She is understanding, trusting and compassionate.

Top line benefits

Clients can gain strategies to manage areas of their lives they would like to be more resilient in and feel empowered. By applying techniques, a healthier level of mental health can be achieved which has a positive effect on overall wellbeing.

A word from Cath

What do you love about Elysia?

I love the supportive team, enjoy working with the clients and calm environment. I have seen how Elysia focuses on overall wellbeing for individuals and the changes people make to accommodate this in their own lives improves long term health.

What do you love about treating your clients?

I feel that by providing different options people may not have thought about and ways to explore those options, clients and I work as a team to achieve an outcome. I consider it a privilege to discuss matters important to clients and, with being able to discuss and aim to achieve positive results, it is invaluable.

A moment to remember

I spoke to a client about stress and resilience and, through discussion, it became evident to us both that strategies could be applied to manage stress more effectively. The client spoke to me again and discussed how they had started to make what we discussed occur daily. They felt more in control and could use these techniques in many other areas of life which would be on an ongoing basis.

Cath Adams


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