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Corryne Parkhill

Sous chef


Corryne Parkhill has been delivering incredible nutritional experiences within the wellness industry for over 15 years. Corryne formed an integral part of the kitchen at the renowned, award-winning  Golden Door Health Retreat, Hunter Valley since its inception in 2004, where she honed her specialty culinary skills and saw her passion for healthy eating flourish.

Having young children of her own cultivated a passion for connecting with parents and children, and Corryne understands that knowledge shared in the home is powerful. She sees the value in sharing easy and simple ways to embrace healthy cooking to empower the younger generation to explore and enjoy eating well.

Now, as Elysia Wellness Retreat’s Executive Chef, Corryne is passionate about delivering memorable experiences every week, preparing delicious, health-focussed meals across the retreat and by educating guests on how to appreciate food as medicine. Corryne loves feeling that she is a positive part of many health journeys and can help people make simple, powerful changes at home in their own kitchens.

Corryne Parkhill

Executive Chef

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