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Dr Dean Monk


Dean Monk is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with over 33 years’ experience and holds a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (University of Western Sydney), Bachelor of Arts (Griffith University), Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Melbourne).

In 1979, Monk joined the New Zealand Army and was eventually posted to 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment in Singapore, for jungle warfare training. It was during these years that he was introduced to his three passions – Kung Fu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. After five years in the Army, Monk decided to pursue these passions with vigour, so with two suitcases and a wife who was five-months pregnant, moved to Australia to study at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the principle and founder Professor Wong Lun OAM.

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Monk studied the Wu Da Liao Fa (Five big methods) – Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage, Dietetics and Physical Therapy. This school followed the philosophies of Nature Dao (Man and his relationship with Nature) and Harmony of the Physical and Spirit. Martial Arts was taught as an adjunct to the Medicine and included Taijiquan, Wugong (Wholistic Martial Arts) and Meditation. This set the foundation as a practitioner and also as a person. Graduating in 1990, Monk moved with his family to the Gold Coast.


Dr Dean Monk

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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