Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.


Naturopath & Yoga Teacher


Gina has been in private clinical Naturopathic practice in Sydney for over 20 years, in combination with facilitating her own wellness yoga retreats. Gina has also worked as a Naturopath for one of the largest Multi-vitamin companies in Australia, providing advice on Naturopathic Medicine.

Specialty & Topline benefits

Gina has a focus on achieving optimal wellness and longevity through anti-inflammatory diet advice, nutritional and herbal supplementation. Blending Naturopathy with yoga and meditation classes balances out the full experience of wellness.

What Gina loves about Elysia and her clients

Gina loves the opportunity to work in the beautiful Elysia retreat environment, meeting the guests to share in the experiences of yoga, meditation, naturopathic consultations with the nutritional presentations. To share the journey of wellness is a blessing.

A moment to remember

In Gina’s food seminar she asks the guests to review the famous quote by Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” and one guest found this so inspiring, she had a large mural painted for her kitchen with this quote. Elysia is a special place that allows wellness to unfold in whatever direction is needed at the time.



Naturopath & Yoga Teacher