Your journey to self discovery with Elysia Wellness Retreat.


James Knight


As Executive Chef at Elysia wellness retreat, James lives and breathes our philosophy. With a passion for food & wellbeing in his own lifestyle he brings enthusiasm and commitment every day. Having worked in the food industry since he was old enough to clean the floors in the family butcher shop, James has an inherent love of quality produce. As a classically trained chef he has gone on to gain experience across all areas of the industry and kitchen management. James is passionate about nurturing a healthy kitchen environment for his team, a kitchen in which the menus are produced with nutrition in mind and a focus on fresh, local & seasonal ingredients.

A moment to remember

We see food not only as a means to support and nourish but also a way to connect with friends or soon to be friends in the case of our guests.

  “During my classes with the guests on the program I try to help simplify the way people look at healthy eating, we sort through all the conflicting messaging around our health and wellbeing and of course the latest fad diets! At the end of the week I hope to have inspired our guests to get back in their kitchens, don’t over think it and start cooking real food again.”


James Knight

Executive Chef