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Melissa Ingram


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Melissa Ingram


Physiotherapist with Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy as well as qualifications in personal training and wellness coaching. Graduated in 1991 and started working at Elysia in 2004 (with a couple of years off for kids). Experience in both hospital system and private practice as well as many representative sporting teams.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays- Subject to availability

Specialty & Topline benefits

Mel specialises in ensuring the mechanics of the body are sound to allow for efficient movement. This often involves specific stretching / flexibility work as well as targeted strengthening / stabilisation. Mel has a large focus on the four pillars of good health – exercise, sleep, nutrition and emotional relationships. Through her teachings and coaching Mel will help you ensure these areas are met so you can establish balance in life.

What Mel loves about Elysia and her clients

Large focus on the four pillars of good health – sleep, exercise, nutrition and emotional relationships. Assists through coaching process to ensure all these areas are met and guests understand that balance is required and are taught how to add it in.

A moment to remember

Elysia has been home for a very long time which means the returning guests become like family and love seeing the results they achieve after a visit.

Melissa Ingram

Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Swim Stroke & Running Correction

We are pleased to announce that Elysia Wellness Retreat will be reopening on Friday 5 November 2021. We look forward to seeing you again soon.