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Upcoming Weekend Guest Speakers

22 February, 2020

Mental Brilliance – How to deal with change and challenge in an increasingly fast paced world

Facilitator: Clare Robinson

In this talk Clare will explore why it is so difficult for us as humans to deal with challenge and change especially in our current face-paced and always connected world. She’ll introduce the concept of ‘mental brilliance’, which is about the need to spend as much time focusing on cultivating a healthy mind and mindset as we do on our physical health.

Clare will not only share with us the latest research on what is happening to our mind and brain when we don’t apply focus on training our brain to be healthy, she will also share, from firsthand experience, what happens when we leave our mental-health unchecked.

The session will round off with a series of practical exercises that can be taken home to cultivate your own personal mental brilliance.


From Leadership Coaching and a Wellbeing Training business that Clare also speaks passionately and hosts podcasts on the topics of mental health and building resilience for the 21st century workplace.

29 February, 2020

Storytelling for Healing – How to embrace a painful past, and use it to empower yourself (and other people)

Facilitator: AMY MOLLOY

Bestselling author Amy Molloy knows how to make headline news. As a journalist, editor and columnist, she has written about every aspect of her life – eating disorders, cancer, widowhood and motherhood. However, she has also learnt that you don’t have to be an open book to have an impact.

In 2017, Amy’s memoir, The World is a Nice Place sold out in 12 weeks on Booktopia – Australia’s largest online bookseller. It earned global media attention in the UK Australia and America. However, it didn’t only help readers – it also bought peace to its writer too.

According to studies, conscious storytelling – sharing our pivotal experiences in a supported and safe space – can be a path to healing, both for the storyteller and the people who share your memory. We are all storytellers. Every social media caption, every ‘about’ section, every blog post and every conversation we have in a coffee shop is an opportunity to share our story in a way that heals us or triggers us.

So, how you can tell your own story in a way that fulfils your purpose, raises your profile or promotes a cause – but also helps you to release a painful path, let go of trauma and move forward?

In this session, Amy will use her extensive experience as a journalist, editor and qualified counsellor to arm you with tools to put your own past into words, and share your story in a way that empowers you – and may even kickstart a new career path.


Amy Molloy is a journalist, editor & author who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing, after her first memoir, Wife Interrupted, shared her experience of being widowed at 23-years-old. A qualified Counsellor, her self-help guide, The World is a Nice Place, sold out in 12 weeks in Australia and made headlines globally. Currently the deputy editor of Mama Disrupt magazine, she is also the creator of the children’s book, How to Recycle Your Feelings – a picture book that emotionally soothes a child, and any grown-up reading it aloud to them. You can listen to the audiobook for free on Kinderling Kids Radio.


Previous Speakers

Transformation through Movement, Breath and Sound

Facilitator: Fiona Mackillop

An Evening of Qigong, Meditation and Sacred Sound with Fiona Mackillop

Let go of the old, open to the new, as you powerfully transform your energy through movement, breath and sound. Be supported to move towards optimal health, happiness and vitality.

You will be introduced to energy gathering exercises, meditation and self-healing techniques based on the profound healing art of Qigong. Learn to harmonise and powerfully build your internal life force or ‘Qi’- benefiting all aspects of your life.

The evening will complete with a deep body relaxation and soothing Gong Sound Bath. The sound vibrations release blockages and balance our subtle energy field. Bliss out as the vibrations of the Moon Gong wash over you. A Zen experience not to be missed!


Fiona is an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator who is passionate about supporting others to live a more authentic, conscious and fulfilling life. As the Co-founder of ‘Wellbeing Retreats’ and Founder of ‘Inspired Wellbeing’, she has facilitated a wide range of wellness and self-development programs and retreats to assist others to find inner peace and optimal health/life balance. With over 16 years’ experience teaching Qigong and Meditation, Fiona brings her wisdom and expertise to all of her programs and workshops.

Qualifications/ areas of expertise

BSc Science Major, Founder Inspired Wellbeing, Co-Founder Wellbeing Retreats, Qigong/ Meditation Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Energy Therapist