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Elysia Wellness Retreat has a passion for holistic wellness, believing that resetting one’s mind, re-balancing the body and transforming the spirit will achieve lifelong well-being. Education and empowerment are essential tools to facilitate this, welcoming in greater self-discovery, happiness and a more purposeful life.


Nutrition - 50 mins
$ 140

Be empowered to make nutritious food choices that focus on achieving your desired health outcomes — increase your energy, assist with weight management, increase your vitality for life or perhaps decrease anxiety. This personalised session is designed to educate and inspire you about food choices and nutritional supplements appropriate for you and provide recommendations on how you can incorporate changes into your daily life.

Naturopathy - 50 mins
$ 140

The body is a complex organism with the innate ability to heal itself when we learn to listen and respond to its needs. The naturopathic approach seeks to find the causes of any symptoms and with enough support and a reduction of the underlying stress, the body will naturally seek to cure itself. Naturopaths use herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies, nutritional supplements, lifestyle correction, exercise, detoxification and nutrition to guide you back on track.

Naturopath + Iridology & Zinc Testing - 50 mins
$ 170

Iridology is the art and science of analysing the colour and structure of the iris to determine tissue integrity throughout the body, thereby gaining valuable health information regarding strengths and weaknesses throughout your entire body system. Zinc testing aids in identifying possible deficiencies which impact the proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems, control of diabetes, reduction of stress levels and an increased rate of healing for acne and wounds.

Naturopathy & Biocommunication - 80 mins
$ 240

This comprehensive consultation combines naturopathic science and the advanced technology of biocommunication. This diagnostic technology uses a specialised non—invasive, stimulus-response exchange to understand on a deep physiological level what your body is saying. Your consultation also includes Iridology and Zinc testing. All the analytical data provides input for the Naturopath’s assessment which informs the lifestyle advice, herbal or nutritional medicine prescriptions given to the client.


InBody Composition Analyser - 5 mins
$ 75

The InBody 570 machine measures and analyses an individual’s body composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral and much more. Testing and printed results are obtained in less than 2 minutes providing a comprehensive breakdown of how/ where you are holding weight. The scan also determines the weight of lean muscle mass in each limb to see if there is a postural imbalance to address. It reports your level of body fat and skeletal muscle mass/girth measurements so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition. Follow up takes place in a group workshop to aid in understanding the results and possible avenues to take to address each area.

Running Correction - 30 mins
$ 75

Our Physiotherapist will assess your running technique, video your style and adjust with small changes to help increase your efficiency.

Swim Stroke Correction - 30 mins
$ 75

Private swim coaching to improve your efficiency and stroke technique in the water.

Personal Training - 50 mins
$ 120

To get you back on track with your personal fitness goals and help you look and feel your best, our expert trainers tailor a session to match your preferences and abilities to your desired outcomes.

Yoga Private Class - 50 mins
$ 120

Many people find that Yoga is the foundation around which they can build their positive lifestyle choices and stress management strategies. With one of our experienced instructors, begin to understand both the practice and philosophy of Yoga and feel more free, flexible, balanced and strong. In your one-on—one practice, you will receive individualised instruction and help to develop a personal lifestyle yoga plan, which will see you leave with a strategy for ensured ongoing benefits. Pair 2 people 50mins $90pp Group maximum 3 people 50 mins $70pp

Yoga Private Class - 50 mins (Pair - 2 people)
$ 90pp
Yoga Private Class - 50 mins (Group- max 3 people)
$ 70pp
Feldenkrais - Functional Integration - 50 mins
$ 140

Learn how to change habitual patterns and move beyond limitations that cause stiffness, aches and pain. Using gentle, instructive touch, your practitioner guides you gently to discover previously unconsidered movement options that elicit new awareness and profound physical learning. In a hands-on, fully-clothed session, the bodywork is done on a low padded Feldenkrais table, allowing a great sense of freedom leading to better posture, greater comfort and enhanced flexibility, movement and breathing.

Feldenkrais - Magic Roll - 50 mins
$ 140

Using a special firm, yet soft, blanket roll you will discover how to free your spine, neck and hip joints to unlock real core flexibility. Discover how to gain total back comfort and care for the rest of your life!

Feldenkrais - Magic Roll - 50 mins (Pair - 2 People)
$ 90pp
Feldenkrais - Magic Roll - 50 mins (Group - 3 - 6 People)
$ 70pp
Physiotherapy - 50 mins
$ 145

For the diagnosis, management and education of anyone with acute or chronic physical injury, our expert sports Physiotherapist will perform a postural and range of motion assessment and provide corrective, functional exercises to greatly improve mobility, eliminate pain or assist in injury rehabilitation.

Physio-based Personal Training - 50 mins
$ 145

Experience a session with our expert retreat Physiotherapist and understand your physiology to train your non—negotiable muscle groups for peak performance. In this consultation, our Physiotherapist will assess any current or past ailments and devise a training program specifically for your effective rehabilitation and strength. Train and think like an athlete and improve not only your everyday function but your performance in any activity. This is an ideal session to assist you in experiencing less pain and dysfunction to feel stronger and fitter to reach your peak.

Add A Personalised Physiotherapist designed program
$ 55
Kung Fu Private Lessons - 50 mins
$ 140

Chinese Kung Fu is a practice over 1500 years old, with its methods utilised in both combat and healing. Choose your focus of self-defense, self-healing, body strengthening and breathing methods, meditation, or a combination of all of the above, and experience the unique opportunity to train privately with our Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Private Lessons - 80 mins
$ 200
A Personalised PT Program
$ 55

To help you get the most out of your session with one of our trainers, please see all of the focus areas below.

Personalised PT Program Focus Areas

Cardiovascular Fitness

For guests wanting to improve heart/lung health and efficiency, this style of session is designed to safely extend the participants ability to perform physical work. Best summarised as a “huff and puff workout”, our trainers will use a variety of training apparatus and techniques to improve your aerobic efficiency.

Movement for Optimum Health & Ageing

With an emphasis on functional health, this style of session looks at both the muscular—skeletal system as well as the neuro-muscular system. Addressing age-related concerns, such as joint disorders, osteoporosis, balance, as well as physical strength capabilities, the focus is on integrating stability, strength, range of movement and cardiovascular modalities.

Strength & Resistance

Through the use of traditional machine-based apparatus, free weights, and body weight exercises along with current resistance training tools such as power bands, kettle bells or suspension trainers, this style of session is all about shaping up and tightening up. Learn the latest training techniques and tools that provide the best strength-based outcomes.

Flexibility & Mobility

At Elysia Wellness Retreat our trainers see this as one of the most under—rated components of physical health. At the foundation of much chronic pain and postural imbalance is a lack of range of movement in associated joints and/or underlying dominances within the body. The emphasis of this style of session is on alleviating stiffness, soreness, tightness and imbalances.

Water—based Training & Rehabilitation

Not just for the swimmers, this style of training has the unique feature of being non weight bearing as an advantage over other modalities. Taking the load off the joints frees up the rest of the body to extend itself. The inherent resistance of water to movement aids in the development of cardiovascular fitness, strength, stability and range of movement in a supportive physical environment.

Pair (2 people) 50mins – $90pp

Group (maximum 3 people) 50 mins – $70pp


Yoga of Sound & Mantra Meditation - 80 mins
$ 240

A guided chant experience, combined with the Yoga of Sound (described above). We'll use high-vibrational, sacred sound to help tune into cosmic frequencies. Mantra meditation has been used to positively impact toxic stress, PTSD and addiction patterns. Access deeper states of meditation and relaxation, lift your vibe, connect with the inner sound current of your authentic self. Cultivate listening awareness and access the deep stillness within. Sessions may combine any of the following elements: vocal expression of healing sounds through toning, guided vocalisation of the sounds from the Indian classical scale, guided meditation, call and response mantra, and guidance in how to connect more precisely to activate the potential contained within the sacred Sanskrit sounds.

Yoga of Sound - 50 mins
$ 160

Sacred and energised sound filled with love, intent and a high vibration, can bring deep change, healing and transformation. Reduce stress, expand your heart, lift your spirit and connect with others. Transform your energy through sound, tone, music, breath and listening awareness. Science tells us that everything is vibration, including us. We can affect and alter our mood and energy through the use of guided and intentional sound frequency. You’ll be guided to vocalise sounds to activate and open different energy potentials within you. Held and supported by a bed of sound from live instruments, connect with your inner resonance, and allow your own healing sound and frequencies to shift energy that no longer serves you, opening into a more expanded, lighter space within you. Pair $110 per person 3-6 people $80 per person

Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing - 50 mins
$ 160

Depression, anxiety and a lack of direction can be linked back to your energy. By understanding and clearing your blockages in the energy centres (chakras), you’ll feel lighter and happier with a deeper connection to your essence. In this non-touch modality you sit in a relaxed posture fully clothed. Each session is unique and tailored to what is most ‘alive’ for you in that moment. You’ll be guided through elements of breath work, energetic releases, visualisation, re-framing and affirmation, to reset your energy and lift you into a more positive state of being. Relieve the pressure and overwhelm of life challenges, stresses and emotional events. You’ll also receive take away tips and techniques to help you manage your energy, providing you with more skills for coping and resilience.

Wellness Coaching - 50 mins
$ 120

Our Wellness Coaches are here to help facilitate deep personal reflection and collaboratively identify actions to support you in realising your individual goals. The coaching process raises self-awareness and forms a pathway for success; navigating personal obstacles and understanding past attempts to successfully gain traction and help become your best possible self. The coaching model is ideal for those wishing to develop practical take- home tools to excel in both personal and professional life.

At Home Coaching - 3 x 30mins
$ 200

Following your retreat Wellness Coaching session, our professional coaches are available for ongoing support and can provide 3 x 30 min follow-up telephone coaching consultations. Perfect to continue your personal and professional transformations, keeping you motivated and accountable.

Breathing & Meditation - 50 mins
$ 140

Discover how to meditate using breathing as the gateway into the empty mind state to achieve deep inner peace and happiness. Through learning to maximise your breath to more thoroughly oxygenate your cells, your practitioner will guide you through these ancient techniques. They will assist you to easily master and integrate a meditation practice into your daily life for enhanced energy and greater relaxation.

Breathing & Meditation - 50 mins (Pair - 2 people)
$ 90pp
Breathing & Meditation - 50 mins (Group - 3 - 6 people)
$ 70pp
Counselling - 50 mins
$ 145

At times life experiences may pose challenges that can affect our ability to live our life to the fullest. Continuing unchecked and unsupported may impact our coping ability, performance, mental health and wellbeing. Life counselling encourages you to open conversations about your life stressors in a respectful, non-judgemental ad confidential manner. Your session may be for you alone or, where applicable, may involve a partner.

Breathing & Qi Gong - 80 mins (Pair - 2 people)
$ 140pp
Breathing & Qi Gong - 80 mins (Group - 3 - 6 people)
$ 100pp
Hypnotherapy - 80 mins
$ 240

Hypnotherapy will relax you into a deepened meditative state where you are able to access the cause of challenges and issues in your life. From here you will be guided to find safe ways to deal with your challenges more effectively. Helping you to connect with your own inner strength, you will discover that you have the power within you to deal with whatever issues you are presented with in life. Offering the possibility of deep clarity and inner peace.

Acupuncture - 50 mins
$ 165

This practice is ideal for clearing blockages of qi (our vital energy) and restoring harmony within the body. Our Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioneremploys very fine, sterile needles into specific sites around the body, usually found on the Human InternalEnergy System (meridians). The aim is to bring the body back into balance, creating a free flow of energy nourishing throughout. Other tools the practitioner may use include cupping, guasha (scraping technique), massage and lifestyle advice. Ideal for stress—related conditions, increasing vitality, cleanse and detoxificationor those recovering from injuries

Zen Monk Therapy - 80 mins
$ 240

This therapy is the accumulation of a lifetime of knowledge across a number of modalities by our registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Kung FuMaster. The main medium employed is acupuncture but may also include cupping, guasha (scraping technique), massage, stretching, breathing, lifestyle advice and energy work. You have a choice of either Traditional or Esoteric Acupuncture. This is an excellent session if you want to find the tools to get your life back on track, or if already on the right track, how to move to a higher level of consciousness.

Make A Booking

For our guests taking part in the Elysia Wellness Retreat Programs, we recommend informing us of your wellness treatment preferences prior to your arrival to avoid any disappointment. Please phone 1300 991 254.

We are open seven days a week, excluding Christmas and Boxing Day. Please note a surcharge applies on public holidays.

All sessions are subject to practitioner availability.

Please let us know in advance if you have any special health or physical considerations that may affect your session and advise us of pregnancy under 14 weeks, as some treatments may not be suitable.

We welcome guests 16 years and over.

When to Arrive

We suggest you arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment time. All treatments are completed as scheduled, so please be aware that if you arrive late, your service will end on time to ensure the next guest is not delayed.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate to your treatment. Best to leave your valuables and jewellery at home as we take no responsibility for lost items.


For our onsite guests, if you wish to change or cancel your appointment, please see the team in the Wellness Centre between 8am and 8.15am the morning of your appointment. For external guests, please contact us 24 hours in advance to cancel or change your appointment. Reservations may be amended or cancelled with notice greater than 24 hours without charge. A 100% cancellation charge applies for no shows and appointments cancelled after delegated cancellation times.


Our Wellness environment is one of relaxation and tranquillity, therefore we kindly ask that you leave your mobile phone or other devices in your villa / locker and switched off. We do not permit the use of mobile phones within the Wellness area or within the retreat premises.

Please be aware that Elysia Wellness Retreat operates as a Wellness Retreat 7 days a week and is a non-smoking site. We kindly ask that the following items not be brought onto the premises — food, alcohol, caffeine or tobacco. Alcohol or non—prescription drugs must not be taken prior to your treatment. Guests under the influence will be asked to leave the premises in the best interests of their health.

We are pleased to announce that Elysia Wellness Retreat will be reopening on Friday 5 November 2021. We look forward to seeing you again soon.